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Live Monitoring Increases Efficiency

When it comes to creating brand awareness, companies put in many, many man-hours to ensure that when they reach out to an audience – it’s the right audience. Building up a reliable contact list is only one part of the battle; once that contact list is built, the right words have to be said to create a positive interaction. One of the ways to ensure that telemarketers are representing the brand in the most effective way possible, and live monitoring is a way to achieve this.

Live monitoring gives a real-time look into the heart of a campaign to ensure agents are following the proper steps and script within the campaign. The way agents are using the script is key to compliance and campaign effectiveness. If they are following it precisely and no progress is being made, administrators know it’s time to revise the script. Perhaps the agent is stumbling in a couple of areas where he/she is losing callers’ interest. This is an opportunity to catch it while it’s happening and training that agent on how to clear those hurdles.

Some companies will live monitor twice a week at a minimum. Doing this allows them to catch inefficiencies in the campaign and cut down on call times and call volumes. But there is another perk to using live monitoring that many companies don’t focus on as much as they do a successful campaign – and it’s all about compliance.

Live monitoring, when used properly, has gotten many companies through audits with flying colors. The industry is facing a minefield of obstacles today, both on state and federal levels. Getting caught up in an audit can be costly if all the regulations haven’t been followed. Live monitoring adds an extra layer of protection against compliance issues.

The software available today gives telemarketers a leg up on live monitoring, allowing managers to listen in to calls, follow along with scripts, see call times, wait times and any number of data that leads to a comprehensive look at the campaign.

Why risk the hard work that marketers have invested in a campaign? Pick a reliable firm to bring valuable tools, like live monitoring, to work for your campaign. One such firm is Blue Valley Telemarketing, where qualified professionals offer an outstanding return on investment with reliable and secure services.

One key Blue Valley customer put it best when she said, “BVTM was very responsive and true to our agreement. They knew my expectations and continue to do everything they can to exceed them. I always felt like my business was a priority.”


How Telemarketing Really Drives New Revenue

On June 4, FOLIO published an article, Driving New Revenue Through Telemarketing that focused on how the cost center (telemarketing) is becoming a profit center for b-to-b publishers. As BVTM has been heavily focused on creating the profit center through telemarketing efforts, we felt this was a worthwhile topic that needed expansion. 

This is a very important topic for FOLIO to cover. We at BVTM feel there are some additional and important points that should be included.  We believe:

Leads must be qualified to your advertiser level of satisfaction. We strongly recommend that publishers assign a person dedicated to manage the lead generation campaigns. A person must be responsible and accountable for the promised success.  Companies like Haymarket are able to convert their telemarketing activities in to new profit center (at $50-$100/lead if they generate thousands of leads; you do the math).  If advertisers’ issues and concerns about quality and/or quantity of leads are not addressed immediately, advertisers will quickly lose confidence in the process.

Salespeople within the publishing company are often hesitant to promote lead generation (using telemarketing), fearing it will take away from print advertising, and other investments. On the contrary, it can actually add more value to what the customer receives, making add-on sales easier in the process.  If you do not sell a solid Lead Generation program to your advertisers as an added product, you are leaving a lot of money on the table. We have learned that most advertisers who choose to pay for telemarketing leads do not need to reduce other budgets, but instead increase their overall investments with our publisher clients. Furthermore, buying quality leads increase advertisers confidence and brand loyalty.

To have ongoing and successful lead generation projects, publishers must make the strategic decision to make it a valuable part of their product/service offerings, and not treat it as a “by product/service”. The only clients we service who have turned telemarketing to a new profit center (in the past 5 years) are those who dedicated the needed resources to be successful.  The idea must be pushed from the top down. With the right support and resources, you will secure customers that can become repeat customers.

We all agree that the current theme is: “Content is King!” What makes content valuable is when it is customized according to the needs of the audience.  Your advertiser clients will save considerable resources and improve conversion (improve ROI) when they are able to communicate to the best targeted qualified audience instead of a broad audience.

No one is better equipped to understand the audience than the publisher – audience development is truly their niche. Taking advantage of telemarketing campaigns adds the most important layer of qualification: demand.  The live phone reps add the “human touch” they communicate directly with audience members who were qualified by a set of demographics, and identify the subset of people and/or companies interested in engaging with the advertiser now!

The profit center possible in telemarketing is born of the potential to generate actionable leads from those individuals we are already talking to. If the publisher isn’t leveraging this established relationship to generate leads, the true profit opportunity is missed.

Blue Valley published a white paper in 2011 entitled, “The Broader Rule of Telemarketing” (you can request your free copy at  We will be publishing a follow-up white paper this year describing our experience working with publishers and media companies, helping you get your own telemarketing lead generation in place.  We will share the Do’s and Don’ts, we’ll describe how to set-up a successful process (from A to Z), and we’ll even share with you mistakes done over the years so you’ll know how to avoid common errors and increase the probability of success from day one.  If you wish to receive the white paper, follow-up on LinkedIn or send us an e-mail request to


December 6, 2011: The newly-formed BuySafeTelemarketing Alliance has launched its interactive website: The site serves as the central location for B2B publishers, media companies, advertising agencies, corporate advertisers/marketers and others in the industry to find information on safe telemarketing practices and vendors committed to a strict quality standard in terms of campaign execution.

The BuySafeTelemarketing Alliance was born of a vision among key leaders in the telemarketing industry to set the bar for acceptable quality performance. BuySafeTelemarketing members are committed to delivering outstanding telemarketing services by upholding the rules and guidelines established by BPA and ABC auditing bodies monitoring the quality and integrity of telemarketing campaigns.

By committing to BPA rule adherence, quality monitoring, realistic list penetration promises and ethical business practices, the members of the Alliance stake their reputations by promising publicly to adhere to specific guidelines. Each member guarantees any executed telemarketing campaigns will pass telemarketing requirements of any BPA or ABC audit.

BuySafeTelemarketing Alliance members include ADS Global, Ark TeleServices, Aspen, Blue Valley Telemarketing, CMG, ETS EBSCO TeleServices, iPacesetters, Lester Inc., and Mark Facey & Company. By joining the Alliance, each member actively participates in practicing safe telemarketing and providing the industry with new information and proven practices for delivering profit-driven campaigns.

“The BuySafeTelemarketing Alliance is strictly about protecting the integrity and quality of telemarketing for publishers and marketers in this industry,” said Ronen Ben-Dror, Chairperson, BPA Telemarketing Committee and Director, Client Relationship Development at Blue Valley Telemarketing. “While we are competitors working together in this Alliance, our goal is the same – promoting the value of telemarketing and insisting on providing our customers with only best practices in a thriving industry.”

Membership guidelines for the BuySafeTelemarketing Alliance include serving as an active BPA member, working with BPA-audited publishers, producing letters of reference from satisfied BPA compliant publishers, and agreeing to all guidelines established by the BPA and ABC. Members must also be U.S.-based companies and disclose all offshore call center locations.

For more information and continuous content-rich industry news, visit

Live Monitoring – Does it Work?

You’ve putting months of work behind building a campaign to push your brand ‑ buying contact lists, building the perfect script, and selecting a telemarketing firm. The same diligence should be in place to monitor the calls regarding your product.

It’s a basic reinforcement of quality that if left unchecked can compromise your hard work and mar your brand.

BPA recommends monitoring at least twice a week because the process helps capture valuable data on the performance of your campaign. This analysis can help you lower your call volumes, lower call times, and increase customer service satisfaction. Call monitoring boosts not only quality, but keeps you in compliance and clear of failing audit.

Are the call agents following the script? Are they being professional? Live monitoring will allow you to make sure all agents are protecting your brand and delivering the calling experience you expect. Clients will even put their own names on the call list so that they can get a realistic taste of the job the agents are doing.

Live monitoring is especially important if you’re trying out a new agency and the history of their performance is not extensive enough to make you entirely comfortable. Even with agencies with whom you have years of experience, live monitoring should be in place. It’s just good business sense to have these kinds of qualifiers in place to protect your brand and achieve high quality campaigns.

Some of the best live monitoring practices involve addressing performance issues immediately after an agent gets off a call. If that agent is experiencing a roadblock that they can’t get around, now is the time to address it while it’s fresh in their heads. Live monitoring is as much a learning tool as it is a checks and balances tool, used to consistently improve performance.

At Blue Valley Telemarketing, we make monitoring a priority, and not just to adhere to BPA guidelines, but to ensure our quality exceeds customer expectations. Want to know more? Contact us today.


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